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 There are three ways to locate records on this website.  First of all you can do a search.  Secondly, you can search for records via the record group finding aid and entry descriptions, located in the National Archives section.  If you plan on visiting the National Archives in the future, we encourage you to become acquainted with the National Archives section.  We have organized the records in the same manner as you would physically find them.  Third, we are providing this site map, an index, of topics with links directly to the records. 

Slave trade & Slavery

RG 48, Entry 376 Records Relating to the Slave Trade

RG 204, Entry 1a - Pardon Case of James Brayley

RG 217, Entry 347, Settled Miscellaneous Accounts


Confederate Records

RG 109, Entry 1 - Jefferson Davis Papers

RG 217, Manning Collection - Capture of Jefferson Davis

RG 109, Entry 185 - George Sanders Papers

RG 109, Entry 186 - Clement Clay Papers


Pardon Records

RG 204, Entry 1a - Applications for Presidential pardons

RG 204, Entry 18 - Copies of Requisitions with Recitials

RG59, Entry 902 - Requisitions for Presidential Pardons

RG 59, Entry 897 - Warrants for Presidential Pardons


Prisoners of War

RG 107, Entry 32 - Letters Received from the Commissary General of Prisoners, September 1863-May 1865


Job Seekers

RG 56, Entry 210 - Applications and Recommendations for Positions in the Washington, D.C. Offices of the Treasury Department, 1830-1910

RG 56, Entry 288 

Correspondence of:

Committees in Congress

RG 56, Entry 137 - Correspondence of the Office of the Secretary of the Treasury, Letters Received from House Committees, 1842-1918

From the Secretary of the Navy

RG 217, Entry 800

From Government Officials

RG 217, Entry 804

Enlistment Papers

RG 94, Entry 91a

Personal Papers

RG 94, Entry 94

Final Statements

RG 94, Entry 96

Generals' Papers

RG 94, Entry 159, Subseries 1 - Ambrose Burnside Papers

RG 94, Entry 159, Subseries 1 - Benjamin Butler Papers

RG 94, Entry 159, Subseries 1 - Henry Halleck Papers



Court Martial Cases


Lincoln Assassination Records

RG 217, Entry 8b, Warrants related to John Wilkes Booth and other Conspirators
RG 60, Entry 9b, John Wilkes Booth letters





Salaries, Bounty Payments, Construction, Repair, etc.

RG 217, Entry 347



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