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Website Tips

Welcome to the Lincoln Archives Digital Project.  We have designed the website to, in fact, be a virtual archives.  Within the National Archives the documents that are created by the different agencies are organized as "Record Groups".  Each agency is assigned a specific number.  For example, the Dept. of State is RG 59, the Dept. of the Treasury is RG 56, and the Records of the Adjutant General are RG 94.  

When you click on the record group you desire to look at, the first page is an introduction describing when and why this particular agency was created, what the role of the agency is, and provides you with additional information that might be helpful with your research.

Within each record group, the different records are organized into "Entries".  To make things easy, we have divided the entries into groups of 50.  Descriptions of the records within that entry are provided.  Once the records have been digitized, there will be a link guiding you to those records.  Entries are organized in various ways.  They can be organized in chronological order, in alphabetical order, in numerical order, by case file, etc.

We have modified how the records are organized in some entries.  For example, in RG 153, the Courtsmartial records, NARA organizes these records by the case file number.  Most researchers are looking for these records by name, so we have organized them in alphabetical order, in addition to providing specific details like rank, charge and sentence, state, etc.

Remember that this project is a "work in progress".  We are adding new documents every day and alert people through our Facebook page of new records that have gone online.

Donations are always appreciated and necessary to continue the work.  While this project is freely accessible to the global community, it does cost to host the website, to pay for updating the content management system, to pay for scanners and other equipment necessary, and to store the digital records to preserve them.  So click on "Donate" and support this project!

Website Tips

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